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"Our knowledge of Microsoft Office and its programming language, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), enables us to write fast and efficient programs across the whole Microsoft Office suite. We can integrate Excel applications with Word, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint, offering powerful applications created specifically for your organisation."
Melanie Francis, Expert Office Documents.

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About Expert Office Documents

We are specialists in the development and support of custom Microsoft Office-based applications. We have over 17 years’ experience developing with Microsoft Office across a range of industries. We have encountered many examples of the varied and flexible solutions that Microsoft Office programs can offer.

We understand the need for business people to make their time more productive. We therefore take great pride in developing quality and robust applications that meet our clients' needs. We believe building and maintaining relationships with our clients is important and so offer support on all our deliverables.

What can we do for you?

Custom Office templates enable non-technical people to produce sophisticated and consistent letters and documents. All the formatting and layout is taken care of, you just need to concentrate on the content of your document.

We can design a set of stationery templates to match your brand and provide a consistent look and feel to all your documents. It will save you money in printing costs and save your staff a lot of time and frustration in creating formatted documents.

We can automate regular reports and processes that will save you a lot of time gathering the data together and presenting it. It will also eliminate keying errors and copying and pasting the wrong data. One client's report used to take 2 hours to produce manually. We automated it to run in 2 seconds - just at the press of a button!

As people are already familiar with Microsoft Office, a custom Office application or template will keep support and training costs to a minimum. Familiarity with Microsoft Office should also help in specifying requirements and increased user acceptance. As all our templates and applications are designed using Microsoft Office, there is no need for investment in additional hardware or software.

Many people do not appreciate the extent to which a standard business tool,which is found in many offices throughout the world, can be easily developed into such powerful applications. We have already helped numerous organisations with a wide range of solutions that include Microsoft Office templates, automated reporting solutions, Microsoft Access™ database developments and Microsoft Excel macros.

Please give us a call on 01622 247101 or email us on and find out how your business can benefit.


"We realised a need for the template to place greater control over our branding. This would reduce time in creating documentation and time in the support team editing and proofreading. The cost saving has been phenomenal. What we did not expect, was the layout for the end user, our delegates, to enhance the learning experience. It has elevated our brand to a new level and created brand advocates in our customers."

Fraser Jones, Marketing Manager, OnTrack International.

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