Cavanagh Report template

Cavanagh are a leading firm of independent financial advisers for individuals and businesses with offices across the UK. We provided a template to make it easy for Cavanagh’s staff to produce reports for their clients.

Cavanagh Report Template example

The Cavanagh group have different trading names which in turn have different logos. Cavanagh wanted one template that could be used by their different trading departments and by their different offices.

When the template is first opened an input box is displayed, the consultant can choose which trading logo to use in the report and which office's address to display. The client name is added to the top of each page of the report and the date and reference are added to the cover page along with the consultant's name and e-mail address. The consultant's details are saved in memory so the next time the consultant writes a report their details are automatically completed on the form as default text.

Cavanagh Report Template Input Box example

The template contains a custom toolbar with buttons to apply the house style to a selected paragraph. There is a Standard Text button where the consultant can drill down through a library of standard paragraphs of text and select one to include on the report. The Standard Text function saves consultants having to type in the same text all the time and ensures accuracy. The Standard Text library is an efficient way to store standard paragraphs of text as any updates only need to be done in one place instead of over a number of different documents and the consultant knows they will be inserting the most up-to-date information.

Cavanagh Report Template Standard Text example


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