Hitachi Consulting Office 2007 templates

Hitachi Consulting wanted a branded suite of Microsoft® Office templates to enable their staff to create documents quickly and easily whilst maintaining consistency and adherence to house style. Hitachi Consulting use Office 2007 so we were able to take advantage of the new Office 2007 features.

Hitachi Consulting New Document Ribbon Tab example

New Document ribbon tab

We first created a custom tab for the Word 2007 ribbon. The custom tab contains buttons to start a new document.

Hitachi Consulting New Document Ribbon Tab example

Proposal template

The Word proposal template contains a layout for a cover page, inside cover, automatic table of contents, back pages and the main body of the report. A custom ribbon tab provides functions to format a table in the Hitachi Consulting style, add an image and a Hitachi Consulting logo and change the levels in the automatic table of contents. There are also functions to easily insert a landscape section or switch a current section to landscape and paste text copied from other documents without destroying the formatting or layout of the current document.

Hitachi Consulting Proposal Template example

Letter template

The letter template displays an opening input box where the user can select the recipient’s name from their Outlook address book and enter the references, date, subject and their contact details. The template contains a memory feature that will remember the user's contact details so the next time they write a letter, their details are entered on the form as a default. There is also a /show logos feature so logos can be shown on the letterhead if the letter is to be sent electronically or the logos can be hidden if the letter is to be printed on pre-printed paper.

Hitachi Consulting Letter Template example

Fax template

The fax template displays an opening input box where the user can enter the recipient's name and fax number who the faxes to be copied to and their own contact details. Like the letter template, the fax template contains a memory feature that will remember the user's contact details for the next time they write a fax.

Hitachi Consulting Fax Template example

Minutes and Agenda templates

The minutes and agenda templates display an opening input box where the user inputs the meeting details. This ensures that all the relevant details are included in the minutes and agenda.

Hitachi Consulting Minutes Template example

CV template

The CV template has a special grid layout where users can insert a photo and a career history.

Hitachi Consulting CV Template example

PowerPoint template

The PowerPoint template contains master slides to reflect Hitachi consulting's brand. We provided a custom ribbon tab with a button to start a new Hitachi consulting branded presentation. There are also buttons to insert logos , format a table and switch between red and grey bullets.

Hitachi Consulting PowerPoint Template example

Excel charts template

The Excel template includes a custom ribbon tab with buttons to apply the Hitachi consulting style to graphs. Custom Chart styles have been set up that reflect Hitachi’s brand - all the user needs to do is to select a chart and click the button to apply the correct style and colour palette.

Hitachi Consulting Excel Template example


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