HM Treasury Word Report template

HM Treasury wanted a template that replicated, as closely as possible, the style of their final printed documents. A report template would help authors and editors to keep to the budget style and allow them to concentrate on the story and the numbers rather than waste time thinking about the presentation. It would also reduce printing costs as there would be less desktop publishing work to do.

We developed a Word template for HM Treasury that can be used for their different reports.

HMT Word Template example

The template includes a custom toolbar with buttons that users can press to make it easy to add tables, charts, coloured text boxes and sideheadings in the correct style.

HMT Word Template Toolbar example

HMT Word Template Toolbar example HMT Word Template Toolbar example HMT Word Template Toolbar example

There is a function to change the heading and shading colours in the report so the same template can be used for different types of reports. Security classifications at the top and bottom of each page can be easily added, changed or removed using a user-friendly input box.

HMT Word Template Setup Dialog example

Example pages from a finished report

HMT Report example

HMT Report example

HMT Report example


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