The Scout Association Network Membership Pack Wizard

The Scout Network Membership Pack is a document containing useful information for new Scout Network members. As well as general information, it also contains information related to the member’s local area or district. The Scout Association wanted a way for their members to easily create documents personalised to their area but also to ensure the documents retained the Scout Association branding.

We created a Word template for the layout and formatting of the document and this also includes the standard text relating to Scout Network in general. We then created a ‘wizard’ to make it easy for the document to be customised to a specific area or region. The wizard consists of a series of input boxes with questions to help the user make the document specific to a member’s area or district.

When the user first opens the template, the wizard is displayed automatically.

Scout Network Membership Pack Wizard opening dialog example

The user can either follow the order of questions by clicking the Next and Previous buttons or they can click one of the tabs at the top of the wizard to go to a specific section.

Scout Network Membership Pack Wizard tabs example

When the Finish button is clicked, a check is performed to ensure all the questions have been answered. If there are some unanswered questions, a warning is displayed and the user can choose to go back to answering questions or to leave them unanswered for now.

Scout Network Membership Pack Wizard data check example

Once the check is complete, all the answers are automatically added to the document. Text answers are slotted into relevant paragraphs and images are added to specific placeholders.

The user can call up the wizard again later to finish answering the questions. Their previous answers are saved in the wizard for that document and redisplayed when the wizard is used again so they do not have to re-type anything.

Example wizard pages and corresponding document pages

Scout Network Membership Pack Wizard example page and input box

Scout Network Membership Pack Wizard example page and input box

Scout Network Membership Pack Wizard example page and input box


"Most of our members use Microsoft Word to create documents; Melf provided a high level of technical expertise to allow us not only to use professional branding but also to make the process of personalising the template easy and effective."

Chris James, Head of Corporate Communications, The Scout Association.

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