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A custom Excel template will enable you to provide formatted spreadsheets to your clients that communicate your brand image. It can take a long time to achieve your desired format in an Excel document; a formatted Excel template will save you that time. A template can include formats for tables and graphs too. We can also help with calculations and formulae and VBA macros.

Consistent, on-brand spreadsheets

We can set up workbook templates with specific fonts, a custom colour palette and headers and footers that will display a logo or date or other information when printed out. We can program Excel to run automated procedures such as formatting data ranges as a table with shaded rows and coloured borders or applying certain graph formats.

Branded Workbook example

Professional presentation

Some reports you create may contain complicated calculations so they need to be produced in Excel. However Excel does not always provide a professional presentation. We can set up a workbook so it bears very little resemblance to an Excel spreadsheet. It will still do all the calculations but it will look much more like a polished report. The template can contain your corporate style and colours and so convey your brand image to your customers.

Excel Interactive Model Table 1 example

Interactive models

How about providing an interactive model to your customers? Your customer can enter their data, select from drop-down lists and view the results. We can protect the workbook so your formulas are hidden, people cannot enter data in the wrong place and answers can be checked and verified. Navigation buttons can help people find their way around the spreadsheet.

Excel Interactive Model Table 2 example

Consistently formatted graphs

To enable your staff to create consistently formatted graphs that use your corporate colours, we can create a charts and graphs Excel add-in. All you need to do is create the graph then select the type of graph from a drop-down list. Your corporate style will be applied to the graph. The style can include the background, gridlines, axes, labels, title and legend as well as colours. The graph can even be positioned in a certain place on the spreadsheet if desired or resized to a specific size so it can be copied seamlessly into a Word report.

By using our graphs add-in, you can change a standard Excel-styled graph like the one below....

Standard Excel Graph example

To your own custom colour scheme and design like this one - at the click of a button.

Custom Excel Graph example

More information


Full instructions with information about how to use the templates as well as how to install them will be provided.

Installation and rollout

We can provide an installation program if required making it easy for non-technical people to install our templates.


Our templates are easy to use but if you want some help to get you started, we are happy to provide on-site training for you or your users on how to use of the template.


"We have used the services of Melf Computing on two separate occasions to convert a significant number of Lotus 123 spreadsheet files into Excel versions. A number of these files contained links that accessed and sorted information held in external databases. All the files included a variety of query tables and summary sheets. Ms Francis also created sophisticated visual basic routines which eliminated problems we had been experiencing. Ms Francis’s professionalism and expertise in performing these tasks was exemplary and I would have no hesitation in using the services of Melf Computing in the future."

Adrian Daniels, Financial Accountant, Huyck (UK) Ltd.

"You've done a terrific job for us - we're very pleased with the new templates. Thank you!"

David Mack-Smith, Associate Director, SQW Limited.

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