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A custom PowerPoint template will ensure all your presentations portray your brand image. It will ensure that presentations created by different people in your organisation will have a consistent style. You can apply a template to existing presentations to update their style toyour new design.

Consistent, on-brand presentations

A PowerPoint Office template will contain master slides showing your logo, corporate fonts and colours. Any new slides added to the presentation will be based on these master slides. You can have multiple master slides for standard slides, title slides and section heading slides so you can provide your users with a choice of background images and colours. If you have a new PowerPoint design, you can apply the new design to your existing presentations with a PowerPoint template.

PowerPoint Colour Scheme example

Corporate colour palette

A PowerPoint Office template will contain your colour palette and default settings for shapes, fonts and graphs added to a presentation so you can ensure all presentations contain the correct colours.

Black and white printouts

People often want to print out slides on a black and white printer. Sometimes you may find that your logo or an important image will disappear when viewing or printing a slide in black and white. We set up our templates so each slide will print out ok in black and white showing all logos and relevant images.

Automated features

We can introduce automated features to templates to make it easy for your users to produce sophisticated presentations.

Edit the master slide

A template can include an input box to make it easy to edit the details on the master slide. By using an input box like this, your users do not need to know how to find and update the master slides. They just click a button to display the box and add the details to the box.

Edit Master Slide Input Box example

Add a footer

Adding a footer to a presentation normally involves editing the master slide.If users are not sure how to edit the master slides, they can use an input box to add a footer to the presentation.

Edit Footer Details Input Box example

Change the background image

You may have a number of images that can be used as slide backgrounds. Even if different slide backgrounds are set in the template it can be difficult for users who are unfamiliar with PowerPoint to change backgrounds. We an make it easy for the user by providing a drop-down list of backgrounds that the user can select from. In this example, the user can select the primary colour for the presentation and then has a selection of background colours they can choose for individual slides.

Select Background Colour example

Presentation wizard

If you regularly produce presentations that follow a consistent format but only the data and images change, we can set up a presentation wizard. The user can select from drop-down lists what slides they want to use or what images or blocks of text they want to add to a slide. This can be really useful for creating presentations such as proposals where you may want to include CVs and photos of specific staff who will be working on a project – select the staff names from a drop-down list and their CV and photo are dropped on to the slide. Maybe you have standard paragraphs of text that are used in various sections of the proposal. A user can select a block of text from a drop-down list to insert it on to a slide.

The example below shows an extract from a presentation wizard where you can add a specific quote to the title slide and then select the background images for the presentation.

Presentation Wizard example

More information


Full instructions with information about how to use the templates as well as how to install them will be provided.

Installation and rollout

We can provide an installation program if required making it easy for non-technical people to install our templates.


Our templates are easy to use but if you want some help to get you started, we are happy to provide on-site training for you or your users on how to use of the template.


"We were delighted with the templates Melanie produced - cost efficient and time effective."

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"Excellent. A very professional, personable and considered approach. Nothing was a problem and the project was fulfilled within the urgent timeframe. It was so good to work with a professional with such knowledge of the product."

Melanie Fischer, Director, MGA Advertising.

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