"At last – there's a way to significantly reduce the time it takes to write a business proposal – to leave you more time to get more sales and make more money"

How you can produce professional documents quickly and easily

A custom business proposal template for Microsoft Word provides the tools you need to complete great proposals in double quick time. No technical knowledge is needed. Only a very basic grasp of Microsoft Word is required.

So what are the benefits?

Write impressive sales documents faster

That leaves you more time to talk to your clients, pursue more prospects and secure more leads

All that time in front of the computer writing business proposals is unproductive. You could generate more sales if you had more time to spend out there talking to customers.

Our business proposal templates save you a lot of time and allow you to spend time doing what you do best – selling rather than typing.

Save time by inserting text from a custom text library

Do you copy and paste sections from old documents? How time-consuming is that?
Does it take you ages to find the documents to copy from?
Do you use Find and Replace to overwrite the old text? How error-prone is it?
Have you ever missed words and sent out a document with a different client's details in it?

We can create business proposal templates with your own custom text library. The custom text library stores regularly used paragraphs of text. You just pick the text you want from a drop-down list. The list can be split into subjects or headings to make it easy for you to find what text you need. How much time will that save you?

Standard Text Toolbar example

When the text is inserted in the document the template also ensures any references to the client, or the product, or any other variable details are correct. No more Find and Replace omissions.

But that's not all...

Save even more time by inserting standard text automatically when you select the type of proposal you are writing from a drop-down list.

Business Proposal Template Wizard example


Even better...

The custom text library is easy to update. When new products come on the market, prices change or legislation changes, you only need to update the text in one place – the text library.

Save time by automating manual and repetitive tasks

How long does it take you to format a table in the correct style?
How long does it take you to set up a text box or a margin box or insert a graph or diagram?
Do images you insert jump around the page or, even more frustrating, jump to the next page?

Our templates include a table style or multiple table styles if required. All you need to do is press a button and the table is automatically formatted in your house style. It will have the correct colour borders, shading and fonts. You can even copy tables from other documents; click the button and the table will be re-formatted in the correct style.

Table Menu example

We can automate the insertion of on-brand text boxes, margin boxes, image boxes and graphs. They will be set up so they remain where you place them – they will not jump around the document.

Custom Ribbon example

Ensure accuracy

Are you sure you've included the latest information?
Are you confident you have referred to the latest legislation, the latest products and the latest prices?

You can store regularly used paragraphs of text in a custom text library and then import the information that is relevant to your proposal. You only need to update the information in one place –the text library. You know your proposal won't contain out of date product information, terms and conditions or prices (as long as you keep your text library up-to-date).

What's more...

If you have a number of people writing proposals, you can be confident that they have the latest information to use in their proposals.

Easily customise sales documents for each client

Do you want your documents to stand out from the rest?
An individualised document is much more attractive to a prospect than a generic document.

A custom text library allows you to insert standard paragraphs of text relevant only to that proposal. There is no need for general paragraphs that cover all products and customers as it is so quick to create a proposal inserting relevant paragraphs from your text library.

You only need to enter your client's name and other details once on the document. The details will be fed automatically to all the paragraphs in the rest of the document.

Think about it...

You produce professional-looking documents with no irrelevant information. Your proposals appear to be tailor-made for each client.

Achieve on-brand business proposals

Ensure all your documents have a consistent look and feel
Maintain your brand throughout your documents

Our business proposal templates take care of all the formatting and layout for you. You don't need to spend hours getting the formatting right.

We set up all the styles for you. And the styles are reliable – you won't experience sudden changes in font sizes.

We set up headings, text boxes, tables, even graphs, to use your corporate colour palette. You can immediately set the format at the press a button.

The proposals can include your logo on just the cover page or on every page.


You can even have a function to hide the logo if you want to print out on pre-printed paper.

We can also set up placeholders for any partner logos you might want to include.

Make it easy for everyone to write great documents

You don't need to have a good knowledge of Word to create a professional document

The template does all the hard work for you. The layout and formatting is taken care of. All you need do is press a button to apply a heading style, insert a text box or format a table. You can even insert a landscape page at the click of a button.

As if that's not enough...

The paragraph spacing, margins and the page headers and footers are set up for you. You don't even need to edit the page headers and footers. They can be populated automatically with your proposal title, client name, date or anything else you want to put at the top and bottom of each page.

Even better...

We provide a custom ribbon tab or toolbar with all the buttons you need to create your proposal. You don't need to hunt around the ribbon or toolbar to find a particular function. All the functions you need are on the one custom ribbon tab or toolbar. You can still use the standard Word ribbon tabs and toolbars if you want to.

Custom Ribbon example

You don't even need to have a good technical knowledge of your own product or service to create a professional proposal

Standard paragraphs of text can be prewritten if you make use of our custom text library feature. Your technical people or marketing department can write the desired text and store it in your custom text library. Then all your administrative staff need to do is select the product or service from a drop-down list. The relevant prewritten text is automatically inserted.

Benefit from minimal training and no new software to master

A business proposal template is just a Microsoft Word document with some additional functionality. You still use the Microsoft Office environment. You can still copy and paste between documents. You can still use all of Word's standard functions such as spellcheck, track changes and cross-references.

The template comes with its own custom ribbon tab or toolbar with all the functions you need on it. The buttons on the custom ribbon tab or toolbar make the template intuitive to use. They provide a much more user-friendly environment to work with.

New staff find it easy to follow your proposal-writing process

Prompts and reminders built into the template guide people through the proposal-writing process. Headings can be pre-set in the template to prevent important information being omitted. A standard text library with drop-down lists of paragraphs to include helps anyone who is not yet familiar with your product or service.

We can even provide a wizard to take people through each step at a time. The wizard could provide examples and prompts to take them through the process.

Use the template for other documents too...

The template doesn't have to be only for business proposals. You can use it for all kinds of documents – reports, financial advice, statements, consultancy, you name it.

See what some of our customers have said about our templates

"The new templates are exactly what was needed. Simple to use and user friendly. Working with some very difficult original templates and a rough specification and still being able to come up with a brilliant set of templates! Very impressive. These templates save a lot of time and effort within the Trust. The service we have received has been brilliant. Thank you for a simple, cost effective and productive solution that has met the Trust's needs perfectly."

Greg Roberts, IT Advisor / Specialist, Sussex Partnership NHS Trust.

"Most of our members use Microsoft Word to create documents; Melf provided a high level of technical expertise to allow us not only to use professional branding but also to make the process of personalising the template easy and effective."

Chris James, Head of Corporate Communications, The Scout Association.

"We very much appreciate both the speed and accuracy with which you have undertaken the changes to our templates. Thank you for your excellent work."

Christine Newman, PA to the Board,The Risk Advisory Group.

"You've done a terrific job for us - we're very pleased with the new templates. Thank you!"

David Mack-Smith, Associate Director, SQW Limited.

"Thanks very much. We are really pleased with the template – it has saved me a considerable amount of work!"

Claire Hamilton, Development Manager, Waste Recycling Group Ltd.

What to do now:

  • Think about what you require in your proposals.
  • Do you use a cover page?
  • Do you put your client's details on the cover page? Do you need a helpful input box to ensure all clients' details are completed and displayed on the cover page?
  • Do you require your logo on every page?
  • What other information would you like to show at the top and bottom of each page?
  • Do you want to include section headings by default to act as a guide?
  • Do you need a table of contents?
  • Do you require price tables or any other type of table?
  • Would you like to be able to select standard paragraphs of text from a custom text library?
  • Do you use photos, diagrams or graphs? Would placeholders for these be useful, with areas for captions and descriptive text?
  • Would images in the margin enhance your proposal?
  • Do you need coloured text boxes to highlight and draw attention?
  • What version of Microsoft Word do you use?
  • Send all this information to us in an e-mail (info@ExpertOffice Documents.co.uk). If you have a specific design or layout in mind then please send us a copy – PDF or Word is fine. If you have a company style guide then please send this to us also.
  • Call us on 01622 816751 if you want a quick chat about your requirements
  • Go ahead and ask us for a quote.

PS. Remember, you don't need to be a technical whizz to take full advantage of our custom templates.

PPS. The template saves you so much more time, it takes so much less effort to write a business proposal and your proposals are so much more professional.


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